Thursday, March 15, 2012

Welcome to the world AVA!!

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I am officially not thinking strait! I think 4 hours (tops) a night sleep for the past few days....and it has definitely CAUGHT UP! But, last night was worth it!! So now I have stay up just a little longer to tell you about it! If you have been hanging out with me, you know I was doing a nursery for a very special little girl (check it out here and here). Well that very special little girl came into the world last night!!! This was my cousins' first baby so I knew it would be a long day. She went in for induction about 7:30 am, and I took advantage of the day to work on my project for this weeks American Crafter challenge (voting opens Friday- wink wink!) before heading to the hospital. As well as working on that, I finished a couple of chairs and got them delivered, on my way to the delivery. Get it?! Haha, told you I was tired ;). Ok, who cares what I did during the day, it was the latter part of the day that was exciting!! My cousins labor went so well and so quickly....for the 1st baby. By 6:30 she was ready to push. Her husband and I had the greatest time (much more than my cousin I'm sure) joking around. I knew from the beginning that she wanted me to be in the room, but I really don't think that her husband or I expected to be SO involved. I pretty sure there was a couple of hours that the nurse just had US helping her push! I don't remember that being the norm! Then the doctor came in and as she checked my cousin, she proceeded to text  and drinking her soda while we chanted the "PUSH...PUSH! Your doing great!". It really couldn't have been more humorous! For personalities like ours, we took advantage of every moment to make a joke about it (sometimes inappropriate I'm sure). Unfortunately after almost 4 hours of pushing, my poor cousin was told that she was going to need a c-section. I was so disappointed for her, and having had one a year 1/2 ago, I could relate to how scared she was. I knew nothing I said could truly comfort her, but it made me feel so good that I could at least be there to give her and her husband support. By now it's about 11 pm, I went to the waiting room to tell our family, check on my daughter (yes, she was there ugh), and go back into the room to give my cousin some last words of encouragement. 

To my surprise, the nurse handed me the "doctor outfit", and said "we're gonna sneak you in"....WHAT?!?!?  SHUT UP!! Did she just say that?? The rules are: JUST 1 PERSON IN THE OR, so the thought never crossed my mind! I was suited up in seconds!!! Personally, I think they felt like since they were going to have Dan and I deliver the baby naturally, they might as well let the 2 of us give her a c-section! So now we were doctors!
They allowed me to take pictures of anything I wanted, and I was able to see it all! They let me stand at the bottom of the operating table and take pictures, it was AMAZING!! I'm sure I took a few shots of things you just don't want to see happening to you, but I wanted to see it all! When they took the baby out, she was just so beautiful! I took pictures of her getting measured, and her foot prints and then......I got to sit with her while she held my finger and stared right at me for about 10 minutes!! I fell in love! It was an experience that was so special! For Nikki and Dan to include me was SUCH an honor, words just can't describe! Nikki did amazing, Dan is such a wonderful husband, and their family has grown +1 (Oh, that's Google). Ava Jillian (after yours truly) came into the world at 11:34 pm,  on March 13, weighing 7.1. I was born on the 13th also! Another little special thing I should add....My Grandfather, who I loved SO SO much and who Ava is named after, passed away on March 13th. A very special night!!

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