Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Overwhelmed and Blessed....

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      It's only Tuesday and I'm already feeling so overwhelmed! I'm hard at work on my American Crafter project for this week. Well, the truth is, I'm not able to work on it hard as I need to be and that is what is overwhelming me! I'm so so so excited that I was chosen (because of your votes!) yesterday to move on to the next round, but I didn't start any of the productive part of this weeks project right away. It took me till early evening to just think of what I was going to do and then I spent the evening designing some of the fun I'll be adding on to it. So one day down with nothing to show. Today I attempted to get started on it. My husband has been gone most of the day, so I was only able to get the little bit of what's done during naptime. Since my husband was gone all day he said he would watch the kids this evening so I could work on it, but he forgot my son had baseball practice. Ugh!! It will take a miracle to pull this one together, but {if it works out} it will be SO worth it!!

      This isn't a post to complain, because in fact (though frazzled), I am feeling very blessed! How can I complain about being part of something that includes SUCH TALENT....when I was "chosen" to be part of it!! That's such an awesome feeling!! Along with my week beginning with the news of moving on, I also met one of THE nicest REAL LIFE!!! I met Kelly from Live Laugh Rowe yesterday morning for coffee and we ended up chatting for over 3 hours! She is just the sweetest, most caring,  person you want to know!

 The next person I have been getting to know (not in person...YET) is Debbie from Debbie Does Creations  She is also SO great and I just can't wait to meet her in "real" life!! The two of them have been so helpful to me....I owe them BIG time and wanted to send them some {hugs}!! Their blogs are great so you'll have to head over there to check out what they have!!
Debbie Does Creations

They both have great linky parties as well so go share what you have!! Debbie also has a 5 Days of Giveaways going on now!!! Don't miss it!

Debbie Does Creations

Two more exciting things...then back to work!!

This week I hit 100 followers!!! To show you guys how much I appreciate you, I'll be celebrating with a 100 Followers Giveaway!!! The giveaway includes some pretty amazing things (hint hint....Live Laugh Rowe & Debbie Does Creations) and I will also be including something you won't want to miss! That will be coming up very soon, so STAY TUNED!!!

And last but not "Crib Turned Craft Station"

is being featured over at Roadkill Rescue  She has some great Roadkill Rescues!! So show her some LOVE!! Thanks Beckie for the feature!!

Whew!! See now why I can't complain??? I'm pretty blessed! 
p.s. this was not a sponsored post....just love em!!


  1. I've been working on my project too--it also took me a while to decide what to do. Not sure how it will hold up in competition, but I think I'm happy with it. You can do it! :)

  2. Hey Jill!

    You'll get the project done... deep breaths :)
    Thanks for the shout out! It's always nice to meet up with fellow bloggers. Wishing you all the best and congrats (again) on hitting your 100 followers!!


  3. You'll do great! One step at a time, you can do it! :)

  4. Found your blog via the Blog Hop. I’m your newest GFC follower!


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