I would love to work with you! I have built such great relationships with my sponsors, and would LOVE to get to know you too!

Here is what you'll get:
Top space on my sidebar (only 2 large ads available per month)
A stand alone feature post of your blog/shop
option for a solo giveaway 
option for solo guest post 
3~4 social media shout outs, and mentions per week
20 available per month (will rotate with each pageview)
sidebar placement
5 of the 20 will have the opportunity to do a group feature 
or group giveaway
{contact me if interested, first come first serve) 
1~2 weekly social media shout outs and meantions

*starting August 1st, medium ad spots will still be available for swaps. But I will have only 10 spots available instead of 15. Grab your ad from the Lets Grow Together section &
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We now offer small ads!
sidebar placement
2~4 social media shout outs per month
30 shown at a time (ad placements will be rotated throughout the day)

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