Tuesday, August 23, 2011

GOTTA LOVE PINK! {painting a chest of drawers}

Just wanted to give a quick post about what I've been up to the last few days. We are getting ready to move so instead of trying to take everything, I thought I would make a few things look cute and try to sell them. I have this chest of drawers that were not being used (I didn't take before pictures, but just light wood....you can picture it) and I had just purchased a paint sprayer that I wanted to try out on something small (er). I plan to paint my dining room table and if you never see a post on that, you know I chickened out! But....it worked great on the chest of drawers!

I first sanded a little all over, then primed it and another light sanding. Sprayed 2 coats of the pink with my new sprayer (nothing fancy) and it was so quick, I loved it! I also sprayed the insides, mostly because I didn't want to tape. I did a light distressing on the edges and waxed  the with Minwax finishing paste and on the insides of the drawers I sprayed clear satin top coat. I spray painted the knobs black and tada...Pretty in Pink chest of drawers. I should name her Molly! 

Let me know what you think!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WOOD you PLEASE make me over???

With the kids back in school today....and my daughters 1st day of kindergarten (hear the excitement in my voice?), I was able to get these pieces waxed and take pictures! 

I have had these 2 end tables for a couples of months now but just decided to get to them this past weekend. It was my first time doing shabby chic, and I knew from the time I picked up these tables that they would be my models. I knew if it didn't work out....I hadn't lost anything (since I got them for FREE!)
I started out by cleaning them with soap and water, then giving them a light sanding. I used a pale greyish blue for the base and used Sherwin Williams panda white all over. I distressed the legs first and then the top of the tables, but after I was finished, I didn't like the look of the top so I repainted with the white. I waxed them with clear minwax paste wax and they have such a nice sheen that's not too glossy and feels smooth. How do you think I did for the first time??


I know...a lot of pictures

I also have had this sofa table in my dining room for a long time! And every month I decide I am going to paint it, and never do. I have always said that I was going to paint it in a bright color....so glad I never did!

In my attempts at leaning how to stage, I went to goodwill last weekend and got these awesome finds...

a couple of old books from 1937 and The Complete Book of Poems 1949 from Robert Frost

this cute little vintage mirror and egg basket

the little red basket that was white and a little red spray paint looks brand new!

I would love to hear what you think!!
Thanks for stopping by!!

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Another Chair Redo {take 2}

Sometime we have an idea for an outfit that we think is perfect....but, after we get it home, try it on, and live with it for a little while....we think about how we really should have gone with an entirely different look! Well, furniture is no exception, right???
I showed you this chair (in this post

Which I re-did to look like this...
But after having this in my living room I began thinking that it would make a great chair for maybe a boys funky nursery, or really any boys bedroom or playroom that needed a bit of personality added. So after thinking about it for a bit....it became this.....



I think that this style is a much better fit for this chair (and a little more my style)
Let me know what you think!?!?!

I did decide to list this chair, and it sold today!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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