Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Day of Silence in Honor of the Victims of Sandy Hook

To honor the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy, I am stepping away from my blog and the responsibilities that always seems to take precedence. I am spending quality time with my children, my family and friends. We need to let them know how much we love them, hug them, and snuggle them, and cherish every moment.  I am praying for all of the victims and their families, and my heart is breaking for them.

To make a donation visit Newtown Youth & Family Services

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Monday, December 17, 2012

What's on YOUR Wishlist??

Do you write out your holiday wishlist? Do you ever hint to the kids in hopes that they will tell dad everything you want? I try to go that route (#shameless), because when I'm at the store with them, they are always saying..."Dad would like that!" "We should get that for dad!" "Mom, we really need to get dad some presents!!" So I figure that they MUST do the same thing to him! I was telling the kids one day just a few of the things that I would LOVE to have! I didn't want to overwhelm them. I know that they can only remember so much, and apparently my little one remembered EVERYTHING on my list!! I'm so proud of my baby. She was telling her cousin while having a play-date about my list, and I overheard the whole thing! Shhh, don't tell her....I wouldn't want her to think I eavesdrop ;)
Do you still have a lot to do?? I'd love to hear what you've been doing to prepare for Christmas! If you like to enter AT&T's #WishADay check it out here http://bit.ly/UFBfE7

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Making new Jewelry and a Special Discount!

Hey! I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the weekend. Just wanted to share with you what I've be up to. I've been working on new pieces to add to Speak Out Loud, as well as getting together what has already been made to send to California! Ellie, the founder of Speak Now is going to begin to try to get into some local shops there, where Speak Now is located and is known! I've never been one to be able to look at anything for very long without changing it (ya know that if you've hung around for any time!) and my jewelry is no different. As my skills and knowledge grow, I always want to make things better. So I made a few changes and improvements (at least I think that they are) to my inventory. I made some new pieces, added on to some of the already made, changed some of the finishes and the patinas, lowered the prices, and then OF COURSE had to re-photograph them all. I was hoping to get it there before the holiday shopping season, but this morning was the day. It's all done and on its way, and will arrive there tomorrow morning, so fingers crossed! I'd love for you to stop by the shop and take a look! I'd like to offer all of you lovelies to a discount! 'Like' Speak Out Loud on Facebook and receive a 20% discount. Here are some of the items for you to check out...

 I also make all of the packaging myself, so I had to make a bunch of DIY bubble wrapped shipping envelopes. They are so easy to make, and you could use them for mailing anything, just customize the size to fit your gift. I'll post a tutorial over the weekend on how I make mine.

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Have a wonderful weekend! I'd love to hear what you've been up to! Have you had any DIY disasters lately?? I had a BIG one!! I'll be sharing that one ASAP...it isn't resolved so I could use some advice ;)

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