Monday, March 12, 2012

A childs love for Jesus

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We must be doing something right.....

This is a letter that my son wrote tonight to our Pastor. He has been talking about wanting to start a program for special needs kids and homeless people that can't get themselves to church so that they would have the chance to get to know Jesus. He decided he was going to write our Pastor and ask if he would help make this happen and figures that if he is going to be bring a lot of people to church, he was going to need to use his parking lot too!
The best, as if the letter in itself is not enough...he asks the Pastor to write his response on the back of his letter!! I could hardly contain myself as I re-wrote this so you could read it better!! 

I sure do love that boy!!! After church, I'm going to start giving him spelling lessons!!

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  1. That is absolutely precious! Yes, you have done something right! Looks as if you might have a missionary on your hands. Blessings!


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