Thursday, March 1, 2012

What's your MOODboard??

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Where will the possibilities end?? Have you heard of Olioboard?? is a free online moodboard site where you can design a room filled with real products, from real stores. I know that virtual moodboards aren't a new concept, but at olioboards, the products that they have can actually be purchased with just one click. Try before you buy! You obviously do not have to buy anything, but I noticed that the items that they have, are of all price points. They have everything from furniture for every room, decorating pieces, wall paper, paint, flooring, lighting, etc. There are complete moodboards by designers that you could use as inspiration. You can share the moodboard that you create and get imput from top designers! It is amazing! Do you create a mood board when you are designing your room? 

At you can see your vision com to life! It's so much fun! I have been talking about doing my daughters room for the past couple of weeks, and thought it would be fun to see what it might look like. Yesterday I got SUCKED in! This is what I came up with so far
I wouldn't typically put 2 red area rugs together, but Gabby's room has a redish carpet and I wanted it to sort of resemble her real room. Her room also doesn't have hardwood floors, but shouldn't our imagination be better than the "real" thing?? I also don't plan to put wallpaper up, but I thought that the ABC wallpaper was so pretty. The other things are what I would like for her room to look like, and also things that I can recreate with what I have.
I also had fun designing a living room

When I say I got sucked in, I mean it! I got nothing accomplished yesterday! But I guess sometimes we need a day like that. Today I am going to get going on my "vision" and see how far I can get. Gabby's crib is white, and her dresser is light wood, so I am going to paint it with ASCP Pure White. Her clothes are piled in the living room and her dresser is in the hallway because I wanted to get it done last night when she went to bed (but I was decorating my livingroom!) So today that's what I'm doing. I'd love to know if you have been on the website and see anything you have designed! 

I have not been compensated in anyway for this post. I'm just a crazy BIG fan of an awesome idea!! All opinions are my own!

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