Thursday, March 8, 2012


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I've been super busy for the past few days getting my project finished for American Crafter, but I finished it this afternoon, and can't wait to show you tomorrow! I mentioned yesterday that I had changed my mind on what I was doing, well I did change it, but not to what I thought. Last night, I felt like I was starting over, but it was well worth it! If I had only decided to do this in the beginning of the week! I LOVE it and I hope that you do too! I thought I would give you a couple of snapshots to get ya thinking!

Of course you'll just have to guess for now ;-)
Don't forget to vote! Voting opens tomorrow (Friday) at 3 MST and is open till midnight! There are 15 contestants now, and Monday there will be 10!! The winners are chosen based on votes so VOTE, VOTE, VOTE! Maybe I should be out on the campaign trail! Na, I'd be a terrible Politician!

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