Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Room for a Princess

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Last night I finished painting my cousins nursery!
Before I start, I have to apologize for the difference in the colors of the pictures. First it was 10:30 pm and not only was there no natural light, there isn't a "real" light in the room. Since it's not my house I of course wasn't going to wait till another day to take "good" pictures! I couldn't wait to show you how it turned out!
You can see in this post how the process started.
I have been having so much fun with this room! The next thing I am doing is making ruffled curtains, so I will post how I make those when I start them.
So here is the harlequin reveal:

This is where I left off:

I taped off the remaining diamonds and pressed all of the tape with a card to make sure the there would be no bleed marks when I removed the tape. I was too impatient when I did the previous diamonds, and I knew there would be lots to touch up.
The lines were perfect! We tried as best we could to erase the pencil lines but they were TOUGH!! I ended up painting another coat of the light pink paint to cover the pencil lines. Since I had to touch up the first diamonds, I did it using the light color and free-handing each one. Miraculously it looks like they were taped! I can't believe how clean the lines are!
Then we went to Hobby Lobby and bought clear gems to put on each point. I used glue dots to adhere them to the wall (which is strong stuff!) but we ran out of gems. So that really will be the last thing we still need to do to actually finish. As little Ava grows up, some of the gems might need to be removed if she is able to take them off, but as a baby her room will be bling bling!!
My cousin hasn't ordered the furniture for the room but I know it will be amazing....I'm thinking of moving in!

I'll keep ya posted as the room comes together!!
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