Sunday, June 3, 2012

A long week, a Whiner and a WINNER!

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Have you ever been looking out the window, the sun is shining, the weather beautiful, but it feels like while life is  going on outside the window is standing still inside? That totally sounds like an anti-depressant commercial! This isn't a pity party post, I'm feeling much better today, it was just one of those weeks. One thing after another this past week seemed to go wrong, and I just keep wondering why life has to seem like an uphill battle sometimes? Our luxury family car broke down! Ok, so it's not a luxury car, but it was up there! Ok, that's a lie too. It is up there, but just in age. It's a 1997 Explorer with 200,000 miles ;)  But it sure would seem like a luxury vehicle if it ran right now, considering it was our only car. That was the biggest thing...but that IS a biggie, don't ya think?!? So I'm done wallowing in my sorrows {for now} about a car. We are supposed to get a new one on Monday. We'll see. Life at home with 3 kids, in a new place, with nobody for them to play with, and no car to get out! That's enough to put any mom on meds, I'm sure! So I painted, cause that's what I do when I'm stressed and depressed! I painted our kitchen and halfway through painting the ceiling, I ran out of paint. Note to self: Finishing with a different ceiling paint won't make you feel better....IT NEVER MATCHES!! So I will be repainting the ceiling. Besides having some decorating mishaps, I'm happy to say that I have finished painting the kitchen and the living room! It only took me 3 days to get the living room finished {enter a little sarcasm}! It has never taken me more than a day to finish painting a room! I like to think that I'm a pretty timely painter, but I just wasn't in the mood. Now that they are finished, I think it is a great change! The kitchen was a super bright yellow. It isn't that I dislike yellow for a kitchen, in fact I think it is great to wake up to a bright, cheerful room. But this was an orangy, deep, bold yellow. To make my decision easier, our living room was a pastel green....SO didn't go together. As I start to make our new house, our home, I really think it will be great to put a neutral color on the wall and decorate with color. That way when my husband and I disagree on colors, and he decides to put his touch on a's not so hard for me to change it when he leaves ;)! I love turquoise and he hates it. I love teal....not him! I just realized, that sounded like I said that I love teal and don't love him...I love teal and him! He loves red and yellow...and I've just out grown crayola! So, we'll have to see who wins lol!
I have to apologize about the after pics. I actually haven't even taken any {blog} after pics. These were just taken to text to a friend. I promise when I get everything in order, I'll take pics of it all!

Tomorrow my brother asked me if I wanted to go to the shooting range with him. I've never done that before. Sounds like it could be fun, right? He's a bit of a gun collector, and I hate am uncomfortable with guns. I'm not really against them, I just get nervous about them now that I have children. But after the week that I have had, I NEED to get out of the house! So my brother and I will go "shoot the shit"!

I've now told you about my long week, I'm obviously the whiner, and I have a winner of my blog~iversary giveaway!! Congratulations to Kristin Whitlock!!

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