Friday, June 15, 2012

I'm {Secretly} Helping....You!

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I love it when someone come up with an idea that reminds us of how we as a community of blogger, lean on eachother.We wouldn't be a community if we didn't have eachother. Sometime we need help...but sometimes we need to make sure that we are the ones helping! That is exactly what Rosie and Katlyn, at Craftbiotic and Dreamy Meadow, are reminding us! They have started a project called Blog Angels. When we signed up, we were assigned a blog to help in anyway that they have requested, for 1 month. We can't let the blog that we are helping know that we are their blog angel....which has proved a bit challenging. It is now the 1/2 way point, and here are my thoughts so far....

I love reading new blogs and try to comment as much as possible, but ya know how life can happen, and it's a hallelujah moment just to get your posts' posted! I have really come to love twitter to stay in contact with other bloggers, so I welcome the reminder of the importance to communicate through blogs!

As a Blog Angel, I have really enjoyed reading my {secret} blog (somedays I read her blog, forgetting that I am her blog angel), commenting, doing some shout outs....but have found it a bit hard to develop a dialogue with the blogger herself.  I'm going to keep trying, so that I could help her (to my full capabilities) in what she has requested. I love offering {whatever} advice that I can, and love helping fellow bloggers in every way....when someone asks, but it seems a bit strange to leave a comment on a blog that you have just started following....saying "Hey! I'd love to help you grow your blog!" Like their blog is so small, and because I am SO huge....they really need me to help! A little awkward, right?? But this project has made me think more about what little ol' me can do for others. I think it's a great project and can't wait till the end of the month to see all of the reveals! I would definitely participate in being a Blog Angel again!

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  1. Yay! So glad you are having a good time reaching out to others and trying to help out! Thank you for participating! xo

  2. Thanks so much for taking part! It's lovely to see you having fun with it. I am blown away by the little blog angel community. Hope you can join us in August.

    Rosie xx


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