Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Fathers' LOVE....

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I have always been a daddy's girl. I can remember being a little girl and thinking that my dad was just THE best thing in the world! When I look at how my girls look at their daddy....I know that they are thinking the same thing. There is nothing better in the world to see a man become a father, and know that their heart is filled with a joy, a tenderness, and a sense of pride that only becoming a father can provide. I saw it in my fathers' eyes as he walked me towards my husband to give me away...

I saw it happen when my son was born...

Ok, so that is exhaustion, but the pride and joy is bursting on the inside ;-)

Then on Father's Day 6 years ago, I was able to give my husband the best gift that I could ever think to give....

It took some planning on my part...and it was hard to keep it a surprise, BUT I managed to wait to keep my little father's day present a secret until that morning!! Surprise!! I'm giving you a daughter...TODAY!! Sorry, maybe breakfast in bed next year :-) And she is where his heart is!

I think because she was bald like him...they had a bond!

We were blessed once again with a very special {little} package just after father's day almost 2 years ago. And I will never forget the way my husband looked at this little girl...

They are little magnets stuck to him :)

Happy Father's Day!!

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