Thursday, June 7, 2012

June Sponsor Feature Thursday

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I am very excited this month to be featuring my fantastic sponsors! This has been such a fun part of blogging to me!! Instead of just doing a showcase of my sponsors at the beginning of the month, I really want you to get to know more about them....they are worth it!! So, I have decided to feature a few of them at time, once a week. That way you are not overwhelmed with so much greatness, and you actually have a chance to visit each one! This week I want to introduce 3 lovely ladies to you! Their blogs have become a regular read for me, and I find inspiration for my life in each one. Today you get to meet, Katie from The Terpblog, Bronwyn from Our Beautiful Blessings, and Leigh-Ellen from Little Waterlily in a Big Pond :)

The Terpblog is a mommy blog focused on intentional living, organizing, crafting, exercise, eating well, and family 
life....join us as we seek to intentionally "live the width."

Over at my blog, I write about life. The life of a newlywed. The life of a Christian. The life of a college student. The life of an etsy shop owner. I love to write and I write in order to remember. I want to remember this time as a newlywed, and all that God is doing in my life. It's an incredible journey, and I hope you'll hop on over to my blog and spend a little time with me!

I live and love and blog from the East Coast of Canada. I started my blog to keep our friends and family on the other side of the pond (Husband is British and I lived in England for 4 years) up to date on our lives. It's sort of evolved (devolved??) from there. I'm a sucker for all things pretty, shiny, frilly and girly. Most importantly I'm a wife, a fur-parent and a friend so expect a lot of personal photos and bragging about the crazy exploits of my golden retriever- Sadie, our new kitten- Spock and the cat who runs our lives- Trilly.

Please go show them some {LOVE}! 
Thank you girls for hanging out with us today!!

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