Sunday, June 24, 2012

Go Insane Go Insane....{and a winner}

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A friend of mine sent me this picture on Facebook....

...AIN'T THAT THE TRUTH! I've been a stay at home mom for a long time (about 8 years), but my husband has had been out of work for a long time (too long). While I jumped for joy {really, I did the real life happy dance, with leg kicks and all!} when he started back at work last week, my jumping for joy was short lived. Now I am thankful that he is working (REALLY THANKFUL), and that's pretty much where that ends. He does a lot to help me with the kids. To be honest, he really wouldn't have to do anything. Just having him at home seems to keep the kids behaving and that is enough for me! Now it just seems to be a free for all....for my sanity, that is. And it is going fast! While I should also be super excited about the fancy, schmancy minivan we got today (loaded with 2 tv's for the kids enjoyment), it's his transportation for work and I'm still home all day without a car (so they will enjoy the 2 tv's in the house). A couple of days ago, when my husband got home from work, I said "I'm leaving, I gotta get out of this house!" and I grabbed the keys and left. FREEDOM! Hmm, It didn't take me long to realize that I hadn't showered in 2 days and I was still in my pajama's with white spray paint in my hair! So I went to McDonald's, got an iced tea and went home. I sat in the car for nearly 45 minutes reading blogs while my kids stared at me through the window like I was nuts! On top of that, we are having my daughters birthday party tomorrow, and I have been trying to get the house ready....which I'm sure contributes to the kids going crazy (or was it me going crazy?). Every room I cleaned has since been destroyed played in destroyed. Instead of cleaning last night when the kids went to bed, I decided to make a skirt for Drew to wear to her party! Seemed like a good idea. I won this skirt pattern from the American Crafter contest....
I modified it a bit and I finished about 2am, and when Drew woke up this morning she found it and tried it on. She loved it! It looked so cute :) I hadn't hemmed the skirt yet, because I wanted to make sure that I didn't make it too short. So once I was really awake, I asked her to put it back on. She said so sweetly, "No mom, I don't want to get it dirty. I'll try it on later." I thought nothing of it, and went about my morning. A little later, I picked it up to hand it to her and....WHAT THE ....??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW??? Chocolate all over the front of it!! Now I have to say, I'm not really one of those mom's that just say...that's ok honey, I'll fix it! So with that said, I'll let you play out in your head how it really happened, lol. Now, not only was I mad about the chocolate, I of course was mad that she lied about it. But I didn't want you to get mad, Mom. Like I wouldn't have noticed? I'll have to show you after I clean it! we'll see how the party goes tomorrow. She might be in her new skirt {if I decide to get it out of the wash machine}, the house might be clean, and there might be decorations! Speaking of decorations, here is one of my great finds this week....99¢

 and when I saw this post on Live Laugh Rowe, from Kelly, I totally had to make pom pom garlands....

While uploading pictures from my phone for this post, I came across this picture...

I think that my daughter has found some tricks that my camera does haha! My legs definitely aren't that long and my butt doesn't look like that J Lo badonkadonk! I found some great sheers at Home Goods for $8 a piece, so this is me hanging them tonight. I'll take a picture of them during the day. They look great!  :)

I also HAVE to tell you remember my post about Blog Angels?? Well I just have to give a big shout out to mine!! Except I'm not sure who she is?! But THANK YOU my blog angel! She sent me this card in the mail and it REALLY brightened my day!! Put a BIG smile on my face and I wanted to thank you for taking the time to do this!! Really, you are a very special person {who ever you are!!}

One last thing {if I haven't lost your attention}. The winner for the ad space giveaway is.....drum roll.....

Thanks so much Diana!! I can't wait to start working with you!!

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  1. Thanks Jill! I'm excited also:)

  2. Well, sorry for the insanity but the skirt is super cute and i love all the decorations!! :)

  3. I just awarded you The Sunshine Award



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