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Yesterday while I was reading through some of my favorite blogs, I came across a post by Heather and Vanessa, who are the sisters of {the great} At The Picket Fence. It was titled "Bloggers helping Bloggers". We all know that the the blogging community is HUGE, but it could never be as big and as great as it is, if we didn't all support each other. So this post is to share a story, a story of a family that needs help. Gabby, who is so incredibly sweet, blogs overs at The...Late, Young Family. Her stepfather, Troy Frymyer, is very sick. Troy, as well as the entire family could really use our prayers right now! Feel free to stop over and show Gabby some LOVE! There is also a foundation that has been set up to help their family with the monumental hospital bills that continue to rack up. I know now everyone is in a position to offer monetary help, and that's ok. But if you would like to, you can send donations to, helpHopelive.org/Troy Frymyer.
I asked Gabby if she would share her story here, so I will let her tell you more....

As you may have read, my stepfather, Troy, had a liver transplant on Sunday. Let me tell you, this man has been fighting for his life! Unfortunately, he will need a 2nd liver transplant. He has been placed back on top of the list for the entire Southeastern U.S. region. While we are praying and waiting, I would greatly appreciate your continued thoughts and prayers. I also mentioned that we have a website for donations to help with the extremely high costs. Go to helphopelive.org and type in "Troy Frymyer" under patient name. I have also created a button with the same information. I am hoping to get this information to as many people as possible!!! You are welcome to pin it, tweet this post, Facebook it, Instagram, create your own post, anything! Thank you for all the help and kind words!  It really means the world to us!

Updated (6/3/12):  Thanks to both At The Picket Fence and StitchySisters for posting about my stepfather.  If you are stopping by from their posts, thank you for all the prayers and words of encouragement!  I did write up an update on a separate post today, but wanted to catch you up here as well. Troy did have the 2nd transplant after waiting a little over 48 hours from when he was placed back on the list.  What a blessing to be able to receive these transplants, and I pray constantly for the donors' friends and families.

After the 2nd transplant, he did start to reject his liver once again, but the surgeon was able to bring him back into surgery and take care of that situation.  It was a very scary few hours in the waiting room!  After a few days of sedation, the medical staff had an extremely hard time waking him up.They would get in front of him and yell his name out as loud as possible, force his eyelids open, wave their hands in front of his eyes, pinch his hands and feet.  Nothing.  A few days after I left to be home with my husband and kids, he finally made eye contact with my mother and started moving around.  Although he was in severe pain, the staff was able to move him into a chair for much of the day.  Well...after a couple of days of that, his breathing and heart rate started to get out of control.  They sedated and paralyzed him once again so that they could take a good look at his lungs and heart.  Sure enough, they discovered many small clots in his lungs.  It sounds bad (and it is), but it was something that the doctors could work with.  Hallelujah!

That is where we are at now.  He's still sedated, on dialysis, and he still has a long journey ahead him!  But you know what?  God has gotten him this far!  They are very slowly weaning him off the medication, and my mother is there waiting for him.

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  1. my heart and prayers go out to them. There is so much suffering around us, and it breaks my heart, and also makes me so grateful for the blessings we do have. Thanks so much for sharing!


  2. Thoughts and prayers go out to Troy <3 What you're doing is great, and I'm loving your blog doll. Would you like to follow each other? Let me know!

    Lady Million

  3. Wow...this brought tears to my eye...I can't imagine what this is like! Just pinned her button to spread the word and they are definitely on my prayer list! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  4. Jill, thank you again. I honestly can't say that enough! You are so sweet to do this for my family, and, even though it's not the best of circumstances, I'm very glad that I have gotten to meet such a wonderful person!

    The...Late, Young Family

  5. so scary and heartbreaking...but thanks so much for sharing this.. a family in my prayers.. for sure


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