Monday, February 20, 2012

Missing in action....

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I feel like I have been missing in action. Away from the computer and away from blogland. Although I feel like I have been neglecting my blog, I have been attending to someone very special. Last Thursday I went to town on my Pinterest challenges (finally!) and I was SO wrapped up in it nothing was going to pull me away! Nothing until.... 

That hair says it all!! Baby girl was SO sick! She had 104 fever and she needed her mama! I took her to the hospital where we 1st waited very unhappily for over an hour for anyone to even look at her, but once she was in, she was put through the ringer! She was tested for the flu, strep, had blood work done, had a catheter to test for a UTI, and everything came back negative but her fever kept going up. I took her home at 5 am, where she laid on me for 2 days. Then my hair looked like hers! After 3 days of her temp ranging between 102 and 104.5, not eatin g or drinking much, her little body had had enough. I took her back to the ER last night with dehydration and she went through the ringer again. The doctor was amazing and the nurses, God bless them, tested her for everything once again. They spent over an hour poking her for a vein with no luck. So before they came back to try again, she went in for a chest x-ray. Finally, after poking her for another 15 mins or so they found a vein! Gabby was SOOOO brave! They took her blood again, and she took a nap on me while she got some IV fluids. All of her test came back negative, so it was a nasty virus! Today she woke up a whole new baby! As good as new!
My sons view 
I didn't want to put in this post, but I did finish my Pinterest projects! A few nights of staying up most of the night (since that was the only time I had) and well worth it!! Check out those and the surprise I have been DYING to reveal, in my next post!!

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  1. Poor little thing - both of you! My baby girl is now 30, but I distinctly remember those scarry events. Thank God it's over.


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