Monday, February 27, 2012

Are you Pretty in Pink??

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Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I had my niece spend the weekend with me which is always fun and interesting to say the least. She is 14, although we all remember being 14, I think we all try to forget some of the things that we did and some of the ways that we acted! Not me of course, but you know who you are!! Just kidding! She always tells me that she loves to come over because it reminds her that she doesn't want kids! I love when she comes over because it teaches me what to do different as I raise mine! LOL! She's a real sweetheart and she loves to craft with me and do projects. I also spent the day with family after church yesterday, which was so relaxing, but then (like everynight for the past week) was up late working on the computer. I should have been exhausted at 1 am (and really was) but I still needed that mindless, lay on the couch and watch tv time before I went to sleep.
 I noticed yesterday morning that "Pretty in Pink" was on, which is one of my all time favs, along with all of the 80's brat pack movies, and recorded it.

I found myself watching it at 1 am. In one of the 1st scenes, after Andie wakes up her dad, he points to his wife beater undershirt and asks, "Do you think you could do something with this? Maybe add ruffles or something." That part never really made a connection with me, until last night! Don't we all find ourselves looking at everything and asking, "what can I add to that?"! My mom tells me a lot that I'm like Andie in Pretty in Pink, and I think she's right!

First I have to say,  in my opinion, she should have left the dress alone. But maybe the new just isn't my taste. But point is, is she thought she could make something beautiful out the vintage dress, and that is a thought that I know all too well.
I find myself now more than ever looking at what my friends don't use anymore so I can make something great out of it. And I find that my friends and family are thinking of me when someone they know tells them about something they want to get rid of. I love being the "Good Will" of my friends and families donations!On the other hand,  I think the husband doesn't feel the same way as he see's the garage fill up and things from all over invade the house! But, I love it! A hoarder, with a purpose!
I believe that we all start crafting, repurposing, refinishing, and saving old things for different reasons. And for me the reasons change over the years. We first, of course, have to have a love, ability, and a passion for it. And then the different reasons  let us put our abilities into practice. I started off doing the things that I love, well, just because I loved it. Then at some point, I started to see "things" that I loved, but that were out of my price range. So I recreated them or made my own, just like Andie. I have found myself making things that were necessities because I couldn't afford them, not just because I wanted them. Who knew that being "wealth challenged" could be a good thing?? Maybe, had I been able to afford everything I wanted, I wouldn't have figured out all of the things that I am actually capable of! As my abilities grew, I realized that I could actually make money with my talents! For what ever reason we find ourselves crafting, repurposing, refinishing,etc., it all starts with the love for it, and has to continue with that love. There is a reason and purpose for everything and God has a plan for all of us....even for our creative abilities! I'd love to hear why you started doing the things you do, and what keeps you doing it!

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  1. This is one of my favorite movies too. Child of the 80's that I am. She should have left the dress alone, but then people probably think that about furniture I do too! Great post.

  2. This is my favorite movie from the 80's. I've probably seen it 50 times or more!! My 16 yr old daughter watched it with me and she really didn't "get it". They don't make movies like that anymore. I'm a total 80's girl and it makes my kids crazy! I listen to 80's music and they hate it! Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

    Lori : )
    Thrifty Decor Mom


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