Sunday, February 26, 2012

Can I have your pallets please??

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Yesterday I was searching craigslist for any goodies and came across an add for 2 free pallets. They were only 5 minutes away and I wanted them! I responded right away and and this was the response I received:

Hi Jill,

I JUST took the posting down because you're the 3rd pinterest addict in line  ; )

typically i've found many people on craigslist are not that reliable, especially when picking up free items... but i have a feeling all 3 of you ladies are dead serious, lol

IF the first 2 pass up their opportunity to pick up the pallets, i will absolutely give you my address and you can have them

I recently finished a really cool pinterest-inspired magnetic scrabble board and also some strips of molding with labeled hooks inside our cabinet doors to organize measuring cups/spoons.  I'm going to get these pallets out of here before my wife dreams up something to do with them  : ) 

I was CRACKING UP!! I didn't even mention anything about Pinterest, or my plans for the pallets! I just said I would love them and could pick them up right away! So after I pulled it together, I asked him to PLEASE let me know if they become available! The day passed by and about 8:00 I got an email saying that he had them and I was the lucky winner of them! As soon as my husband came home from church, I was in the car and on my way!! Here's is why I have been on the look out:

I have so badly wanted to make a coffee table like this!! I don't have a coffee table in my living room at the moment. I put it in the basement when my little one started to walk, but now it doesn't really match my living room. But, this would look great! So, now I know what I am doing this week!
I also plan to make this bed for my daughter once she is out of her crib. I think that it is just the cutest thing ever! I say it looks so cute, and my husband says it looks like a lot of splinters! I think me and my sander will win this one. My search for more pallets continues!

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  1. LOL - Cute story. I hope you enjoy your pallets! Between Google Friends, and now linky followers for my non-google blogger friends and trying to keep up with a day job, two Etsy shops and my own blog, I have vowed NEVER to get into Pinterest....looks like waaayy to much fun.....

  2. Not only is this super cute but super creative too!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :D

  3. Hi Jill! I came across your blog when I was vising the Queen of Chairs blog. You and I live in the same town...small world!
    I found a guy on CL who was also getting rid of pallets...and he told me he had tons on hand (like 75 a week)and they are free. If you ever are looking for more I would be glad to give you his number.
    I love that coffee table! I want to make an open faced bookshelf with some pallets...among so many other things!!!

    I'm off to go check out more of your blog!

  4. Hi!! New follower and subscriber, I love your site! =) Love your header, we all definitely need that constant reminder, and it's such an encouragement. Looking forward to more of your posts! =)

  5. Jill, run, don't walk to your nearest flooring supply store. They ALWAYS have pallets they are looking to get rid of. There are two here in my town and one of them even puts them out front with a "free" sign on them. The other one is my secret behind the building, but they told me to take them. And I do!


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