Sunday, February 26, 2012

Can I have your pallets please??

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Yesterday I was searching craigslist for any goodies and came across an add for 2 free pallets. They were only 5 minutes away and I wanted them! I responded right away and and this was the response I received:

Hi Jill,

I JUST took the posting down because you're the 3rd pinterest addict in line  ; )

typically i've found many people on craigslist are not that reliable, especially when picking up free items... but i have a feeling all 3 of you ladies are dead serious, lol

IF the first 2 pass up their opportunity to pick up the pallets, i will absolutely give you my address and you can have them

I recently finished a really cool pinterest-inspired magnetic scrabble board and also some strips of molding with labeled hooks inside our cabinet doors to organize measuring cups/spoons.  I'm going to get these pallets out of here before my wife dreams up something to do with them  : ) 

I was CRACKING UP!! I didn't even mention anything about Pinterest, or my plans for the pallets! I just said I would love them and could pick them up right away! So after I pulled it together, I asked him to PLEASE let me know if they become available! The day passed by and about 8:00 I got an email saying that he had them and I was the lucky winner of them! As soon as my husband came home from church, I was in the car and on my way!! Here's is why I have been on the look out:

I have so badly wanted to make a coffee table like this!! I don't have a coffee table in my living room at the moment. I put it in the basement when my little one started to walk, but now it doesn't really match my living room. But, this would look great! So, now I know what I am doing this week!
I also plan to make this bed for my daughter once she is out of her crib. I think that it is just the cutest thing ever! I say it looks so cute, and my husband says it looks like a lot of splinters! I think me and my sander will win this one. My search for more pallets continues!

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