Saturday, February 25, 2012

Changes (making a blog banner)

Do you ever sit down at your blog and decide you want to make a change or 2 with the look of your blog? Just to realize hours have past and now you've changed so much that there is no turning back?? I have to apologize if my blog looked wonky today during my indecisiveness! I wanted to change the banner on my blog and I didn't think that it would take that long because I knew what I wanted, knew how to do it, and already had the images. But one thing led into another and I found myself changing the template as well. I changed it, changed it again, and then again.....UGH! I couldn't get it right! Thank God for The Cutest Blog On The Block! They have wonderful free blogger templates with instructions on how to download them and apply them to your blog. There were a few moments of holy oh no (but that wasn't how it sounded in my head!) what did I do??? But it worked out. Way more hours than needed, that's for sure! I'm not changing it now! I think it's really cute! 
Making a blog banner is super easy. I can tell you how I did it on picnik, but with them closing you'll have to use a different editer. Here is what I did:
I went to and uploaded this picture

I resized it to 650 x 400 and saved it. If you do all of the pictures that you want and then resize it, your images will be distorted.
Then I uploaded this picture

at the top in edits, I clicked on Frames
I used the Postage Stamp frame and worked with it until I had the border and colors that I liked.
It then looked like this
I saved and closed this picure.
I then upload the 1st and 2nd pictures again so that I could work with them in their edited version.
I also uploaded this picture

In the Photobasket (at the bottom), I 1st double clicked the background image. Then I went back to the photobasket and "dragged"  the other picture to the background image and dropped it. I did this with both images. You can place them anywhere you'd like and  at any size. 
I then had this

When I added the second picture it had a white background. To fix that, I clicked the Advanced Blend Modes, shown in the picture

By clicking the "multiply", it hides the white background

I added the name of my block by clicking the text  in editing. You can use whatever size and font that you like. Click save and share and save it on where ever you would like.
This is what I ended up with

To use as a banner on your blogger blog....
Open your blog and go to Design, Template, Customize, Layout. 
Click edit on you blog title and you will see this

You can either right click the image and copy and paste the URL or click choose file and upload the banner from where ever you saved it. 
Where it says placement
Make sure you click "instead of title and description"
Click save and you should have a new banner!

If your like me, you might end up with a whole new look to your blog!! Hope this helps someone!! Have a great weekend!! 
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