Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Antique Chair Redo......

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So....I'm not finished yet with my antique chair redo seen here, (only!!) due to supply hold ups, UGH! I searched high and low for a pneumatic staple gun (because that is the only thing that would go through the wood of the chair) and finally ordered one online. Like a little kid waiting at the window.....I finally saw the mail lady! I knew it wouldn't take me long to get them finished once she came. I knew that the stapler didn't come with staples, but really didn't think that it would be a problem to get them at the hardware store. Well, after a trip to Home Depot, then Sears, then Lowes, and ever where I could look locally online......nothing! I had to order them and of course it was a holiday weekend :( They were shipped out yesterday, so HOPEFULLY I will have pictures of a FINISHED project this weekend!

 (I cut the foam)

(covered it with batting and cotton)
this is also when I realized that I had the wrong staple gun

(picked out a cool fabric)

(it will obviously go on the back to0)

(cord for the welt....or piping....whatever it's called)

(not too bad for a first timer, huh?)

(ready to see these finished!!!)



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