Friday, May 13, 2011

Antique Chair Redo......the beginning

This is my first chair redo and I am soooo excited about it! A couple of weeks ago while going through I came across a listing for 2 antique chairs that needed some work. Well, sight unseen, I rushed over with the family in the rain to pick up these 2 "beauties" My husband thought I was crazy to take chairs that looked like they belonged in the dump, but (just like you other DYIers) I knew that I would be able to make them look new, fresh, and modern! Sometimes you have to think outside of the box, right?? So I began the tedious task of taking out all of the staples......
The inside of this chair was (in my opinion) nastier than the fabric on the outside. The cushions were falling apart and it was almost impossible to save any part of it. So after I removed all of the staples, I began sanding!

 It didn't take long to see the potential that these chairs had. In the evening when I wasn't sanding I was obsessively searching blogs to get inspiration and ideas of how to paint them. I came across and learned about chalk paint. I have fallen in love with the colors and the look of this paint! I think that it is perfect for what I am trying to do. I am now done with the preparation of the chairs and ready to paint them.

I am wanting to paint them with Louis Blue and Graphite chalk paint, so to be continued......
I will keep you posted!

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