Thursday, May 17, 2012

Four Generations

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I'm a little late in posting this, but that seems to be the theme in my life lately. I still wanted to share with you my Mother's Day. This year seemed especially great to me, because I had all of the "moms" with me that I love. Not all my moms of course, I also had my grandma there (my dad's mom). My parents are divorced, so I don't remember when the last time that I had my mom, and my grandmother with me together on Mother's Day. I guess my dad had other plans, which worked in my favor {his loss, my gain ;-)}
{L to R: my mom, my sister~in~law's mom, sister~in~law, grandma, sister~in~law, cousins, aunt, and myself with my nephew}

We all came together for a picnic in Forest Park, near the Muny Theater, in St. Louis. I had my husband and 3 kids, my twin brother, sister~in~law and their 2 kids, my older brother, his fiance', her mom, and 2 of their kids, my aunt, my 2 cousins, my newest little cousin, and my grandma. Ages ranging from 8 weeks to 80 years. My grandma would just DIE if she knew I revealed her age, but she doesn't know how to use a computer so her secret is safe with me. She is amazing (she is the one in the blue shirt). As the little ones are getting bigger, it was so entertaining to watch them interact with each other. I loved watching the kids run around after eating {way to much} sugar. My husband played catch with the kids (which I think was just to avoid having to talk to all of us girls). We didn't worry about presents and superficial things, we just enjoyed each other. We laughed and laughed! The weather was amazing, and I really just couldn't have asked for a more SPECIAL MOTHER'S DAY.
{from left to right: my cousin and baby Ava, myself and my daughter Ellie,
my older brother and new baby nephew Evan, sister~in~law and niece Morgan)

remember the nursery I did? It was for Ava! Check it out here  and here

My grandmother, cousins, and aunt: my FAVORITE girls!

I couldn't pass up those sleeping beauties!

Ava Jillian

Evan Michael
This was from last year. I love to see how the kids have changed in a year. This was Ellie last year.

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!!

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