Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hand...Foot...and YUCK!

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I'm sure this isn't my most pleasant post, but my girls' ailments get to be today's exciting read ;-)! The other day  I posted about my little one having a high fever. Well, the next day her fever was gone, but she had a rash on her legs and her arms, that continued to get worse at the day went on. They told me that she had strep throat. That the red, blistery rash was a strep throat rash. I questions the diagnosis, since her strep culture came back negative. I even asked if it could be Hand Foot and Mouth. The nurse said she was sure that it was strep, and put her on an antibiotic.



I started her on her medicine, and figured that would be that. The next day {instead of painting my bathroom} I went to my brothers house to paint 2 of his bathrooms. He is going to be putting his house on the market, and I was thrilled that he asked me to help with the painting. I kinda love to paint! While I painted, my older daughter and son played at my girlfriends house. I didn't start until late in the day, so I didn't get home until about 10:30 pm. It was a late night for the kids. Sunday's are church day, of course, but when I noticed that my older daughter had gone back to bed, I knew she was sick. She is my early riser, and not much stops her. She told me she was feeling fine, and just kept repeating, "I'm just tired mom!". There was NO WAY that I could take Ellie to church with those nasty blisters, that had now made it to her lips and surrounding her thumb (she is a thumb sucker). And as Drew ate breakfast, she realized that I was right, and that she didn't feel well, and {again} went back to sleep. Aren't mom ALWAYS right?!?


 This was why...

Turns out it wasn't Strep at all....it WAS Hand Foot and Mouth....Yuck! They really should give that a nicer name! And doesn't that look like a pregnancy test! LOL! 
The girls are feeling much better now, and only the baby got the rash, but my little one now has a new favorite word.....OUUUWWWCCCHHH {she says the cutest little "ouch"}!

Tomorrow I am going to start on the bathroom that I have been wanting to tackle! I'm going to need some advice from anyone willing! It is more than a little paint and decorations, it has some repairs and just total updates needed. 

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  1. Oh how horrible! I have heard more and more kids getting this. I hope everyone feels 100% and stays that way :)

    Found you through byaimee twitter linkup

  2. Hello friend! I just found you through google connect. You have such a great voice when you write....I feel like we are having a cup of coffee and then you say....blah blah blah an then I say blah blah blah and then we both laugh...out loud:)

    Glad to hear everyone is better at your house.


  3. Poor Drew and Gabby. Glad Nick escaped the epidemic!

  4. i love this verse out of jeremiah! found you via the blog hop xo

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