Friday, May 4, 2012

DIY Hardware Store Lampshade Tutorial

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This is the lampshade that I created for the American Crafter Hardware Store Challenge (You can see all of them here, here, here, & here). I feel like it has been FOREVER since I have shown a project {but I'm in the process of an AWESOME one, so stay tuned!} so for today I thought that I would give a tutorial on how I made the lampshade! It was super easy and only cost about 10 buckaroo's!

These are the original supplies that I had gathered. I say "original" because I first intended on making a hanging pendant lamp. That would have been just as easy, if I wouldn't have had to take down a ceiling fan to hang it. So I went with the lamp shade at the last minute.

My mom had given me this lamp just weeks before I found out that I would be in the contest {and I knew it needed a facelift!} It is about 25 or so years old. Very, very heavy, and just a bit to brassy for my taste. 

I then spray painted it with a satin white. Now it was time to cutesify {yes that's a word!}it!! I knew I wanted to make flowers with all of the things that I had from the hardware store and the garage. I had planned from the beginning to use the drop cloth as the main part of the flowers and embellish them with the screen, nuts, bolts, and really the list can go on and on. You can use anything you want! My flowers turned out like this...

I made the rolled paper roses with the paint chips! It's SO simple!! This is what ya do....

To get rid of the excess hot glue, take a hair drier to it for a few seconds, and it will melt it right away. Make sure you don't hold it there too long!

After I had the lampshade finished, it was time to tackle the lamp itself. I took it apart, spray painted all of the brass with a glossy black, and the pole on the inside I painted with ASCP in Pure White. If you are taking apart a lamp, make sure to pay attention to how you took it apart. It can be tricky to put back together!! And when you do get it back have a cute vintage industrial lamp and lampshade, that will keep people guessing!!

Think outside of the box, and skies the limit!! Thanks so much for coming by!! Don't forget....May 25th I'll be having my Blog~iversary Party Group Giveaway {with some great prize packages}!!

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