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I have a kinda funny story that I would like to share with you today.....

It all started a couple of weekends ago when I went to babysit my nieces and nephew. I hadn't been to my brothers house in quite a while, and he had been doing some remodeling. I showed up before he had arrived home with his kids, so he gave me his garage code. The first thing I saw when I stepped into the garage was a love seat. When we moved, I decided to sell our sectional and replace it with a something that wouldn't take up so much space. We had been living without a couch for a few hmmmm? Just maybe this love seat was looking for a new home? I had two of my kids with me and once we went inside they wanted to check out the basement. Why do kids always want to see what is in basements? We headed down, where they found....a bounce house! And I found.....the matching couch!! What originally went through my mind, is that they brought the couch they had in the basement to their livingroom, so they must be putting the couch and love seat in the basement. So, I sort of decided I wouldn't ask. My brother came home with the kids and we visited for a bit before they went out. And since I had already told myself that I wasn't going to ask him for it....I just asked ABOUT it ;) This is kinda how the convo went:
"So I saw you had your love seat in the garage, but then I saw the couch in the basement, so what are doing...putting them in the basement?" 
"No, we just want to get rid of them. Why, are you looking for a couch?"
"Yeah, kind of. I was just going to start looking."
"Well, your more than welcome to get them!"
"Really, that would be great!" now I had to find a way to get them to my house. A few days went by, and I wasn't able to get a truck. With Mother's day just the next day, my brother decided he was going to bring me the couch and love seat for Mother's day :) So he picked up a truck, loaded them up, and headed on over! He was in a bit of a rush and had never been over before so Iwanted to make sure he saw our new place.  We unloaded them quickly, I gave a tour, and he went on his way. I arranged the couch and love seat the way  I wanted them, began to put the cushions on, of the cushions was missing. I gave him a call and he told me he would bring it to our Mother's day get together {he forgot} I told him I would pick it up from his work {he didn't answer}. He called a couple days later and said he just couldn't find it anywhere! What? Ok, what can ya do.
Well, he called me a 2 days later, and said...I FOUND IT!!! There is just one problem. It's on the shoulder of the highway. (I of course am thinking "pull over and get it!") But is wasn't just on shoulder, it was at the median! Why wouldn't it be. That is just the kind of luck I have. I sure wasn't going to have him cross over 6 lanes of traffic on the interstate! So I was just going to pile up the back cushions onto the seat, and love my new free couch. 

Remember when I said that I had gone to my brothers to paint? Well, on the way home, my son and I saw that cushion. Ya know how funny it is to see your couch cushion on the highway, and know you just can't have it? I'm still laughing about it!
The next morning, my brother called to thank me for painting and to let me know how much he appreciated it. I was outside walking the dog while I talked to him. As I walked around to the front door, this is what was there:


I love that brother of mine!

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  1. Jill, I love the road kill rescue story. I posted it on Michael's wall. LOL. Very funny!!!

  2. oh my goodness, how funny! Is it still useable?!

  3. This is such a great story! I love your interstate picture too! :) So glad I found your blog!


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