Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Troubles with Condo Living....

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So many things bring me humor, my husband always says I think the wrong things are funny, but sometimes you just have to laugh! I live in a condo, which is the first time that I am not in a house since having kids, and there are definitely positives to it. Like when it's 1000° outside I don't have to worry about cutting the grass, and um....my mind went blank for other things to list. But I can think of a few things that I don't like. Like when you have an unfriendly neighbor, and how they are practically your roommate. There are rules in condo's that you don't have when your in a house. Some of them are truly meant to make your way of living better, but others I must say, can be...well....I just don't get. 

So this is what I mean. Yesterday, while enjoying our labor day at home, my husband and I were in the living room when 3 kids ran by our house and one of them thought it would be fun to run up to my porch and steal my shoes! It was about 3 in the afternoon, and our blinds were open...lot of nerve! So I opened the door and when I yelled, the kid through my shoes. Not that I cared about the shoes, if he would have asked I would have given them to him. But a few weeks ago, someone stole my sons bike, so it brings you to think that maybe this kid did it. My husband chased the boys, 2 of them stopped, but one just kept running. He ran through yards, jumped fences, even kicked a dog (the boy of course). In this time, the boys grandmother came to talk to me, and she had one of the boys with her. He looked scared to death, had tears in his eyes, and told me he was 8 years old. The other 2 boys are his brothers. The grandmother, who I have talked to in passing, is such a sweet lady. My husband and I had a talk with the boy about the things that can happen to him if he chooses a life style like that, and I hope that he chooses to do better things with his time. I know that it seems like I am off of the subject, but it was a conversation with another neighbor during this time, that brought to my attention what my other neighbor had done. 

I have lived here for about 5 months now and get along with everyone. We are not supposed to have dogs, but everyone has said that they are fine with me having my dog. Iit blows my mind that you can purchase a place, and be told that you can't have a pet! There are pets all around us, so apparently I'm not the only one who thinks that is ridiculous. He begins to tell me that I will probably receive a letter from the association because she called to complain about the dog....ok, I sort of expected that. It is what he told me after that made me laugh. She also complain about my kids and my back patio. I asked him, what did she say about the kids?? That they play on the front porch. Are you kidding me?? So, I decided it would be fun to show you...
This is kind of a panoramic view of the condo. The first picture is our front door, the last is of the busy intersection with no stop sign, not too far from our front door. 

She lives towards the end of the building, and keep in mind that the kids only play on our end. That was told to them when we moved in, just so that they would be respectful of others' space. Maybe she should call to complain about my next door neighbors mat being crooked ;)

Hmm, play on the porch, or the other option? Kids...stay on the porch (and just smile at the mean lady)

Maybe she doesn't like the kids art?? Or my daughter's rock collection on the bench?

Now lets talk about the back porch. I'll let you see what she sees when she walks by...

 Now, I'm not saying it's gorgeous, but, I've seen worse. We are only allotted one parking space and the motorcycle seems to fit better than the minivan.

And then on to the last thing that seems to bother her. My 10 pound dog that sleeps 23 out of 24 hours a day.

 She should see what goes on inside of our place! Sometimes the kids play inside too! They even make noise every now and then. They even color on the furniture...

She should complain about how her kids car has been parked in our grass for the past 2 weeks and the landscaper has to just mow around the hood of his car ;) 
 See, you just have to laugh! People should really worry about thing worth worrying about, these things are not on my list.

I thought this would give you a good chuckle....

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See, it could always be worse! Hope you all are having a great start to your week!


  1. Oh wow! Sometimes people just have nothing else to do...

  2. I could not stop laughing, Jill!!! LOL LOL LOL :))

  3. I could not stop laughing, Jill. Lol Lol Lol :))

  4. Condo living, gotta love it. We just moved back into our condo that had been a rental and is actually a 2000- sq ft townhouse but we call it the condo, after living on top of a mountain in 3500 sq ft and we have lots to get used to. Mostly cars parked every which way and hearing neighbors backyard conversations. Oh how I long for my 1/2 acre again! But alas, empty nesting doesnt allow it. See what we are doing with our "condo" on my blog

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