Sunday, September 16, 2012

Laundry Room Before and After

I'd love to say that this is my laundry room made over, but sadly it's not. It's just the laundry room that I made over. My girlfriend just moved into a beautiful (HUGE) house, and asked me to come over and paint some of the rooms. I'll be posting some of the other rooms soon, but today you get to see the laundry room

There was absolutely nothing wrong with the look of the laundry room before (don't you agree??) Especially since they have only been there for a couple of weeks. To spruce it up, I painted the walls, took down the shelf to paint it white (not yet finished with that part), added hardware to the cabinets, and added some decor. Here's the after....(warning picture overload)

Adding a natural element, a candle, and a basket with towels, can add a spa feel to any room! Even the laundry room!

I just L♥VE that shabby chic laundry sign and isn't that apron adorable?!

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So, what do you think? Since I've started painting at her house, I have been inspired to start redoing some of my rooms. This week look for my bedroom makeover, including the beautiful hardwood floors that were revealed when I tore out the carpet, as well as my living room makeover and new blogging spot.

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