Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lil Journal Project...People Watching

There are many days as a stay at home mom, that I don't leave the house (please tell me I'm not the only one!). So when Ashley's prompt was people watching, I thought...hmm, the only people I've watched today are the little one's running around my house. And although they cause plenty of thoughts to go through my head, and most definitely have an impact on my life....sometime it is a stranger, that has no idea that you even noticed them, that can make the biggest impression on you. There was one person in particular that immediately came to mind. 
A couple of months ago, as I was driving down the highway, something caused me to glance over at the commuter parking lot on the outer road. I've seen the lot many times, but this time I noticed more than just parked cars. I saw a car parked in the last row of the 1/2 empty lot. It was what was on the car that grabbed my attention. There were 2 or 3, one gallon, milk jugs on the roof of the car. I wondered about it, but I didn't really have that much time to see much else. A few days later, driving down the highway, I started to look before even passing the commuter lot. This time, there was a couple more milk jugs, and a chair that was sitting in front of the car. I was able to take notice of what filled this car. This was someones home. I couldn't seem to get this person off of my mind. I wondered if it was a man or a woman. I wondered how old this person was. I wondered if this person had family that lived in the car too. I imagined that the water must be the way this person cleans him or herself. I figured that, because it was 110° outside, and who would want to drink water so hot. 
A week or so later, a person filled that chair. He seemed to be a middle aged man, alone. How did he end up in his car? How is he able to stay in the same place, dad after day, obviously taking up residence at this address? What does he do all day? How does he get money to eat? Does his car run? The questions went on and on, and still, for some reason I think of this person often. I have to say that for a stranger passing by (literally) he has left more of an impression on me than any other stranger that I can think of. 

I'm very thankful for the blessing in my life. This man reminds me that just having a place to lay my head, and a bathroom to shower in, are in fact....blessings.

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  1. I remember you telling me this story, Lil. I like it even better as I read it here. It's really a moving story.

  2. Wow that is crazy how passing by a couple times put him in your mind like that. I often wonder to myself when that happens to me if God is asking me to do something for that person. Even if it is the smallest thing that they might not know it was even you. I do things like that sometimes like when someone is washing clothes where I live and I notice their clothes are not dry when mine are ready to go in the dryer I will add another $1 so they will dry for the person who is using the dryer already. However, I have to admit I do not do little nice things or even huge nice things as often as I should :( I have been reading around your blog and I am now your newest follower.
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