Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A new addition to Speak Out Loud

I can't believe after months of working towards opening up my shop, Speak Out Loud, it is finally a reality. During the beginning stages of Speak Out Loud, I of course I knew that it would be a jewelry shop, but I also envisioned having a variety of products. It is especially important to me that there is variety, because lets face it...jewelry isn't for everyone AND this shop was created as a way to raise money for Speak Now. I have now added printables!! They made their way in, well, kind of by accident. Stamping jewelry and cutting blanks is a very noisy business! I found that when the baby would sleep, the time that I thought would be the ideal time to work, quickly became the worst time to work. So now, I make the jewelry while the kids run wild (just kidding-kind of) and when the baby sleeps, I am able to create printables.
Being a part of the Speak Now team has been such a humbling experience, and anything I can do to offer support, I am willing to do. I will be donating 50% from each sale of the 8.5 x11 Speak Out Loud printables  so at only $12, this is a great way to give Speak Now some much needed funds! I want to give you all a chance to check them out....

 This is a set of 4 separate printables.....

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 I hope you all love them as much as I do, and please continue to check back for more!!


  1. Hi, Jill!

    Love this post! I found you through your ad on Singledou[b]t! Love finding Christian Mom's to connect with! I'm your newest follower!!



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