Friday, September 7, 2012


As bloggers we all have the urge to write, about something, right? It may be different for each of us. Maybe it's to write about our families, our homes, our dinners, what we are wearing, our adventures, our successes, or in some cases our lack of success. What ever that "something" may be, we write about it passionately and enthusiastically. We tell the story of "it". Our blogs are our place to go back in time and see our special moments. We treasure our online journals. But, how often do you just sit and write...with a pencil and paper?? I know that many of us will pick up a pen and jot down a thought or an idea, or even an amazing and inspiring dream that we might have. But are we writing these things down with our blogs in mind? Or instead, just for ourselves, because we want to make note of that moment.
I've never been great about keeping a journal, although I have attempted at different times in my life to start one. I'd go out and buy the prettiest little journal that I can find, a special pencil dedicate to only my journal,  lay in bed ready to expose all of my deepest thoughts and feelings... Sound familiar? For me, this eagerness lasts for only about 3 days. Then I find myself staring at blank pages that scream extra pressure and an added chore for the day. Not so fun, and doesn't make for good reading in the future. I love to write, and there is a freedom I feel when I am writing for myself. When we blog, it is very easy to feel like we are going to be judged on what and how we write. What we share, or don't share. How correct our grammar is. If we have too little detail, too much detail. We try to write freely, but nothing like we would if we knew no one would read it. Just like we dance when no one is watching.

This brings me to tell you about one of my daily reads,  Lil Blue Boo. Ashley is an amazing writer, an inspiring woman, a terrific mother who just oozes with creativity, humor, strength, and joy. A few days ago she started a series called The Lil Journal Project. She gives daily prompts on what to write about in the journal. She is only on day 4, and honestly I didn't start right away. I read day one and loved the idea. But didn't start my journal. I didn't want to start something that I might not finish, just as I had done in the past. I read day 2, which brought up memories, good ones, that I probably would have never even thought of {in detail}. I kept thinking about her project. Then yesterday I read day 3. I had to do this! For this journal, I didn't run out to buy "the prettiest little journal that I could find". I didn't look for that perfect journal pencil. I stopped at the dollar store and bought this drawing pad....
...MY prettiest little journal.
Along with some things to add some color....

And so my "Lil Journal" began.
Using my kids pencil that's missing most of its eraser, and with my left hand I wrote:
this is my journal.
there are no rules.
it's imperfect.
and perfect.
all at the same time.
This was the prompt that Ashley gave. So creative, right?!

Apparently, I draw much better with my left hand than I write.

This is different than any journal I've ever started in the past, and I find that I am writing things, and remembering things that otherwise, I probably would have kept in that part of the brain that "just stores memories". I look forward to what day 5 will bring. 
There is plenty of time to start your journal. I'd love to know if you have already joined in on The Lil Journal Project! 
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