Wednesday, September 7, 2011


As our move is approaching, I have been having a hard time focusing on the important things I am supposed to be doing around the house, such as getting the garage sale together and packing. I had planned to have everything together to have my garage sale today, but I just CAN'T stop painting things!! I think I have a problem! 
I decided to put caster's on the coffee table (see post here) and I think everything looks better on wheels, what do you think?

this wheel looks crooked but I think it's the angle

I had to put the table outside so the kids wouldn't
scratch it up before it was fully cured
(because they did and I had to repaint it)

Fixed!!! Plus, a new sign!
(and a peek of my AMAZING find!)
So, this is where my love of chalk board paint started. Then...I was thinking about a mirror I had painted a couple of months ago. I scratched the mirror while sanding the frame. It wasn't that noticeable, but I could see it. I fixed that!!

I found her at the Salvation Army last weekend. I had to keep walking back and forth waiting (hoping) that the guy that wouldn't just walk away, would decide against it! I finally walked up and asked, and he told me to go ahead and take it! Of course I was....and at $14.99, I was SOLD! I think her name should be Vivian :-)

I just LOVE the print on the paper

It was fate....I had never been there before!

Well, that doesn't end my obsession with the paint.
Remember this desk? 
you can read the post here
I thought I had this desk sold, but when it didn't, I decided instead of selling it I would paint it for myself. I wanted to be able to use it with my little chair (posted here) so I needed to tone it DOWN! I sanded down the drawer fronts, and yep, chalkboard paint! I also sanded down the entire desk to remove the shine, and distress it.  My goal was to soften the yellow and I think I did, but not as much as I want to. I sprayed the original hardware with the Pistachio you think they go together ok???

(these pictures were taken at night)

 My plan is to do a white wash over the yellow to attempt to soften it further. BUT, it will have to wait. I promised the hubby I would wait till we are moved. So in the trailer it went.....and I got the garage sale together today. Hopefully Friday I'll have a good sale!

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  1. I love the patern of the printed paper on the form too. And, yes !!! Her name should be Vivian as in Vivian Leigh. The beautiful actress who played the lead in "Gone with the Wind" back in the 1930's?

  2. Great find in Vivian and love your pretty furniture makeovers! I host a link party on the weekends if you would like to come share sometime! :)

  3. Thanks Courtney! I love your blog and am your newest follower....also linked up!


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