Sunday, September 11, 2011

Is there a rehab place for furniture addictions?

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I'm moving in about a month and have been having a garage sale all weekend. Did pretty good! I think the point of having a garage sale is to get rid of things and have less to move. I have a trailer PACKED with all of my finds and I think I made a deal with my hubby that I wouldn't get anything else till we moved. Why does a month seem like forever!?!?! I have found not 1, BUT 2 dressers that I HAVE to have! Why do we feel like we have to have these things, why can't I just stop looking?? I think I have to admit it....."hello, my name is Jill, and I am addicted to furniture" ;-)
I can't help myself! Thank God I don't have a truck at my fingertips, or we might have a bigger problem! To make things worse, the dresser (which is amazing) that I am supposed to get today, the guy wants to throw in a rocking chair and a box chest! How can I pass that up? All for $25....I can't say no. It's like the desire to start a for today I will cheat, and I will "start" my diet on Monday.
I'll post pics tonight!

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