Wednesday, September 14, 2011


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Yesterday as my daughter went down for her morning nap, I think I must have lost my mind focus! As I have posted we are moving in about 35 days or so and I have been cleaning, organizing, boxing things up, having garage sales.....and promising my husband "no more furniture till after we move"
Well, like I said in this post, I HAVE A PROBLEM!!!
I wanted to sell my dining room table before we left, but there was one problem (or a few). A puppy that my dad had, thought it was a chew toy. I didn't take pictures of the before, but trust took A LOT  of  building the legs back up!

Now my next problem....I didn't use stainable wood filler! So I figured I would buy a similar color paint and just do the base of the table. While at Walmart in search of a quick spray paint that could "mask" this disaster, I grabbed a can of Rustoleum Brown Leather Gloss. The cap looks similar! The I came to my senses.
HOW when I have the capability to refinish furniture, could I go for such a hideous quick fix??
So back to my insanity....What was supposed to be just fixing the legs has turned into an entire table refinish, 6 chairs, and a hutch. I am crazy, I know!
This is what my dining room table looked like before

that's Lucas :-)
The table was very nice when we purchased it about 5 years ago, but since the top has become scratched, it had nail polish on it from my 5 year old playing beauty shop, and don't forget those not so lovely legs.
So Gabriella fell asleep and I grabbed the screw driver!
I would have tried to do this with my husband not knowing what I was starting, but that top was HEAVY!!
So he helped me get it outside and a-sanding I went! And sanding, and sanding, and sanding!
An improvement already!

It really took most of the day!
After doing some searching for ideas on how to do the rest of the table, I decided on staining the top dark walnut and painting the rest black, then distressing.
So here's what we got at the store:

I couldn't even begin to think about sanding all
of those chairs!!! So I chose to try this for the first time

Behr Black Suede in satin
I forgot to mention.....there is a matching hutch!
Sorry the picture is so bad, I took it with my phone
Well, I have put 2 coats of the stain on, but it is so chilly today that it's taking a long time to dry. I also wanted to try the deglosser on a smaller part, so I did the skirt part of the table and put one coat of the black paint on. Being that I did it at 10:00 tonight, I can't get any good lighting to take pictures. I will take some in the morning and let you know if the deglosser really works!
Hopefully it does, so I can get the rest of this done (Quickly!!)
I have a feeling that this will be a hard one for me to let go :-(
I did manage to get a lot packed today though, so keeping it balanced ;-)

Thanks for stopping by and I always appreciate your comments!!

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