Monday, August 20, 2012

An Amazing Log Planter {Guest Post: Sweet Sparrow Design}

Diana and Tara are the creators of Sweet Sparrow Design, eco friendly products for children, moms, and home. I have just come to love their products as well as the country life that they live! I was talking to Diana a little while back and she brought to my attention this log planter! I'm all for a great repurposed project! I wanted to know all about it!! So when I opened my email to find the story behind the planter, I couldn't wait for you guys to see it too! So here ya go...

The Story Behind the Original Country Log Planter...

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I can across the idea of a log planter this spring on Pinterest. Yes I am on there once in a while, although I really try and limit my time there. As I saw the planter I knew I had just the tree right on our own country yard to make one for ourselves. I talked about it with my husband as this was no small task. This tree was a huge tree that happened to be hollow inside. We actually did not have to discuss it long as my husband thought it was a great idea and it would really “fit” our style and yard when it was done. The evening we started on it Mr D. went up the tree as high as he could with a ladder and cut down some of the limbs one at a time with his chainsaw. We had other trees that we did not want to damage in the area. I of course was supervising on the ground and telling him how to be safe and letting him know how great he looked manhandling that chainsaw! This is a similar cottonwood tree still standing close to the one we took down.


 Finally we were far enough to pull the last part of the tree over with the tractor. As my husband was towing the tree to position by our patio we were chuckling and teasing. We do not do things small around here. This tree planter at its largest point measures 8 feet in diameter! Now I have my HUGE planter and my husband has his HUGE stone. A couple years ago I watched him work for days at digging and towing this big stone out of our bush. It now sits proudly on our front yard.


I think my planter is doing great this year and I am very happy with how it has turned out. If you have time I would love it if you would come by and visit the Sweet Sparrow Design shop I have together with my daughter on Etsy or visit us on Facebook and see what we are up to when we are not busy with country living. We are so excited to have just arrived at over 700 fans on our facebook! Diana

Thanks for sharing this with us Diana!! I only wish I could cut down the tree in front of my condo! Make sure to also follow Sweet Sparrow Design on Twitter!!

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