Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Installing a New Kitchen Faucet...We DON'T need NO {stinkin'} MAN!

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Happy 4th of July! This isn't a red, white, and blue post, but it was just as exciting as seeing fireworks when I was finished! Sad, I know :( LOL. But what I do want to share with you today, is how to replace that old, ugly, UN-functional kitchen faucet! I'm not super good at waiting for others to do things for me. And by others, I am referring to my husband ☺! So after doing the dishes {without a dishwasher} with a horribly low faucet long enough, and having a new faucet sitting pretty in the box for a few days, it was time to take matters into my own hands! I knew I couldn't do anything to really mess it up, or at least that thought made me feel better (so if I'm wrong....don't fill me in!). I figured if I messed it up, or couldn't do it, the water was off and I would wait till my husband came home. So I took a shot at it! Here is what the faucet looked like before....

Here are the steps in removing the old faucet:

The first thing that you want to always do is SHUT OFF THE WATER! You can either shut off the main water or if you have a separate water valve under the sink, just shut it off there. Once you have turned the valves off, check by turning on the faucet to make sure there is no water.

Next, I used a wrench (there is some fancy tools you can buy for this part, but I'm a use whatcha got kinda gal) to disconnect the water hoses as seen below. Have a bucket under the hoses, they will have water in them. Let the water drain into the bucket.

If you look closely, you can see in the previous picture that there are black rubber rings that hold the faucet to the sink. Using your wrench, unscrew those. They look like this....

 And get to cleaning!! You can use which ever kitchen cleaner that you like.

I replaced it with a Moen, chrome, pull out faucet

Now it is time to install the new faucet. Start with the metal plate. There is a rubber piece that fits under (so no need to caulk) and it will fit right over the holes.

I hope that going further I don't confuse you. I will try to explain it in detail....

HA! It's my first faucet don't want me to tell you what to do, do ya?? But the directions do not tell you how to remove the old faucet, so you do need me for something! But basically, once you put the plate on, you will put the part of the faucet in the following picture together, with the water hoses threaded through the hole. You'll then screw the faucet on (with something like the black rings that you removed to take off the old one) and hook the water back up making sure that you have the hot and cold going to the hot and cold.

Now look how much room I have! I also have a pull out sprayer which I didn't have before :)

 It's been the biggest improvement as far as I am concerned. And, I didn't need my husband, or a plumber costing $60+ per hour! It really wasn't hard. Don't be afraid to do this yourself!!

Thanks so much for coming by today! Have a wonderful, fun filled 4th! I'd love to hear your plans! 
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