Sunday, July 1, 2012

Blog Angel Reveal!

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Meet Chelsea! I was Chelsea's Blog Angel! I have really loved reading Chelsea's blog, Your's Truly, which I hadn't found before blog angels! She blogs about a ton of great things, including some great blog designs! But, we didn't actually start communicating until just about a week ago! It was kinda funny....I had been commenting on different post from the beginning of Blog Angels, which to tell you the truth was a bit awkward. Not at all awkward to post comments {which I love to do} but to post comments that might get Chelsea to let me know how I can help her in any way without letting her know who I was. I had ask if she wanted to participate in my blog~iversary giveaway, commented on posts here and there, and followed her twitter. She also has an awesome giveaway round-up {where you can post your current giveaways for other readers to find}. Ok, so I sound a bit off track, but here is the funny part...I just received my first email back from her:

Our friendship was blog~blocked by that nasty little inbox called SPAM! I'm so glad that we {finally} started talking! Chelsea is a doll, and let me just say, she doesn't need my help at all! Her blog is adorable and I could learn a thing or two from her!! You guys should really check out Yours Truly! And I'm happy to say that through this experience, I have made a new friend! 

The next round of Blog Angels will be starting in August (sign ups will be July 15th) if you want to participate {which I highly recommend!}.....

Rosie will also be hosting a new link party.....


Thanks Rosie and Kaitlyn for this great experience!!

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