Saturday, July 7, 2012

THIS will NOT defeat ME....

What do you do when someone does something really awful to you? Are you the type of person that let's this something just eat you up inside? Effecting every aspect of your life?  How you treat the people around you? 

This is something that I have been dealing with for the past week. I had something so unthinkable happen to me last week that has caused me to be a little withdrawn from blogging, short with my family, and unbelievably sad, hurt and angry!  Now that I have share that with you, let me back up (let me just say that this may be a bit of a long story, but I have to get it out and move on).....

Quite some time ago, when I became a Speak Now Representative, I knew that this was an organization that I wanted to be an active part of. I began talking to Ellie, the creator of Speak Now, and that amazing girl touched my heart and inspired me in so many ways! It was unbelievable to me, that such a young girl, who had experience tragedy so early in her life, could be filled with such great faith and so much drive!  I had received an email with information about the Speak Up Link Up, and at the bottom of the email she asked if anyone would like to donate money or a gift to the Speak Now Fund. Since I didn't have a shop, I asked her for any suggestions for an item to be donated and she mentioned a piece of jewelry. I surely wasn't afraid to make something, but better yet, I have a friend that I grew up with that is a jewelry designer! Her company is Designs by Elise, where she creates absolutely beautiful pieces! She was more than happy to make a necklace, YEA!! Don't ya {love} it! Thanks so much Elise! day while emailing back and forth, I suggested to Ellie that she have a Speak Now jewelry line, with a portion of all proceeds to go to the Speak Now fund. She said that she loved the idea, but that the organization wasn't there quite yet.

About a month later, the topic came up again, but this time is was to discuss the plans for making this great idea a reality. She was so supportive and excited and I was over the moon. I knew I had to get to work! With my husband out of work at the time (and me a stay at home mom) I knew that this wouldn't be the easiest thing, but with hard work and prayer, it WAS going to come to life! I started doing side jobs painting (which I love to do) and saving every bit I could. During this time came her newsletter, and this is what I read:

Is that MY name I see in there??? YEP!! There was no turning back (not like that was gonna happen)! It was announced :) So I did all that I could to come up with the balance, even selling a piece of furniture to bring me to my goal amount. I did it!! By the next day, I had come up with the amount needed! I talked to the shop that I would be purchasing my supplies from (More than a few times! She probably thinks I'm nuts!!) She was so sweet, and helpful! I spent some time (a lot of time) deciding all that I would need from her. During that week, I needed a bit of the money. No husband had started working, so I wasn't concerned at all. He would be getting paid and I would be ordering my kit the next week. I was jumping for joy! I was proud that I didn't need to ask anyone for the money, and that my determination paid off {although it took a little time} ..I did it myself! 

Now I can bring you back to last week. Tuesday morning when I woke up, I noticed that the money was gone. I sent my husband a text asking if he had taken it {figuring he would say "yes" and that would have been ok}, but within a second my phone rang....he hadn't touched it. It was stolen. My heart broke. Friday I would have been ordering, but instead, all of my hard work went for nothing. It had been all that I had talked about. In that moment, I felt like it had all been shattered. How could somebody do that? Who would do that? Why now, and with that money? I just couldn't believe it. Still today, the person that took it hasn't come forward, and the money hasn't been recovered. It has caused turmoil and strained relationships in part of my family. I just pray for the person that did this. That is all I can do. This isn't the end. I have more determination than ever before to make this happen. I'm hopeful that I will be able to order my supplies next week, and get this exciting venture started! We are planning to launch the end of August mid September...and there is no way I am going to let myself, or Speak Now down! I'm not going to wait for the storm to pass....I'm going to dance in the rain!

Ya'll didn't know you were going to be my therapist today! Thanks so much for listening!! I'm leaving it behind me now, and putting it in God's hands. I can't wait for the launch of the shop and to think that this could help even one girl, I will continue with a smile 

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  1. SO very sorry that this happened. Best wishes in your endeavor

  2. Oh, my, I'm guessing you know who did this, how sad! Romans 12:21 says not to let yourself be overcome by evil, but to overcome evil with good. Seems to me that you are doing just that, overcoming evil with good. I pray you will accomplish all God intends, despite the temporary roadblock thrown in your way. What can I do to help?

  3. OH WOW!! I am so sorry but I think you are handling it great! Good luck going forward and keep dancing! :)

  4. Keep praying and carry on! Sounds like the old devil is at work here and he WON'T win!

  5. I am speechless. I am so sorry that this happened. Have you recovered the money? Where are you in he process of getting your jewelry line together?


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