Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Good morning and happy hump day! I'm so happy that the kids finally went back to school yesterday. I can get back to all of the projects I have sitting around half finished. One of the big projects that I've been working on, is a bathroom vanity makeover. Well, that isn't really the big's just part of the big project. I'll start from the beginning. I am the best wife ever! Ok, so I  just thought I would throw that out there, here is really where is started. My husband went out of town, and I thought it would be nice for him to come home to a new bathroom. This was my plan: tear out the old linoleum, replace it with peel and stick "wood" floor (did you know they make that? It looks great! At least in the box ;)) replace the vanity with a "new to me" vanity that would have a fresh new look, replace the toilet seat, remove the bottom row of tile and replace it with tall base board, re-caulk the tub, paint, add a new shower curtain, and some new decor. Doesn't sound like much, right? I went shopping for all of the supplies, enlisted the help of my sweet neighbor, and in true Jill fashion got straight to 10 pm the night before my husband was to arrive home! That's just how I roll. What my husband came home to definitely wasn't the same bathroom that was there when he left. It was my first DIY disaster! We tore out the old linoleum, to find another layer of old linoleum. As I started to pull that out, what I found underneath was a rotted, stinky, subfloor! What was I going to do?? Well because I am a skilled carpenter, and plumber, at least that is what the certificate on YouTube says...I was going to attempt to replace the subfloor. The ONLY thing that stopped me, was this is our only bathroom, and what if I couldn't figure it out? I pictured a big hole in the floor and no toilet. That is where I stopped, and that is what he came home to. Not happy with his over ambitious wife the next day. This is the before, as you can see it really needs an update!

And here is what I realized....

 Why couldn't this have just gone as I had planned in my head?? I spent the rest of the night tearing out the layers of linoleum, and sprayed the floor with bleach until I could get my husband to help me. I forgot to tell you when this was...THE WEEK BEFORE THANKSGIVING!! The problem is (as some of us know), when we have to wait for our husbands to help fix something, we have to just sit back and will be a while. The floor is STILL in its disgusting state, minus the stink. So I've had to move on to the rest of the bathroom. I've painted the walls, and the trim. I still have to paint the doors, but have replaced the door handles. Now coming back to the start of this post. The "new" vanity....

That sweet neighbor of my that was helping me, purchased a new vanity for her (much easier) bathroom makeover, and I painted her living room for her old vanity. When I'm finished with it, she will wonder why she didn't just bring this one back to life! This is what is looked like when it came to my house. I've been stripping the old paint off for the past 3 days, 3 DAYS! I even wondered if I gave it some dollar bills, if it would strip faster ;-). There was layer, after layer of paint on this thing! Today I plan to sand it.

I don't want to show any pictures of the progress of the bathroom or vanity. I'm excited to be able to show the finished bathroom reveal, so just keep these nasty pictures in your mind as I get it ready for an amazing before and after. Hopefully the bathroom reveal will include new floors. Can I borrow someone else's husband please?

Update and question: I returned the peel and stick floor because my brother gave me a few boxes of really nice laminate wood floor. I know that isn't the best floor for a bathroom, but I know it will look amazing. Have you used laminate wood in a bathroom? Have you had any trouble with the moisture?? I'd love to hear about it!
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  1. I actually have Hardwood floors in one of my bathrooms and laminate in the other... I have to say when the "hardwood" floors get wet they dry out fairly well... laminate will dry to but if it is not a good one it will peel, but I would put it in the bath just watch your tub area...things are looking great! I am excited to see the results.. Blessings!


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