Thursday, October 25, 2012

My buffet has found a friend! (Tricycle Milk Paint Sewing Machine Table)

I have been over the moon at the results of my buffet redo, and the wonderful feedback that I have received! Thank you all so much. Your comments have made me feel so great! It's put the fire back into the passion I have for working with furniture. There is just something so special about taking something that is either so-so, or someone's "trash", and putting new life into it. As I have been on my hunt for things to redo, I have found it to be hard to contain my urge not to take in every good deal, or freebies that have my name written all over them. We are in a much smaller place, so the option for hoarding things....well, is NOT an option. So I have had to pass on a few things, but one little gem that I found, was a free sewing machine table. I've seen lots of cute sewing machine tables, but have never actually found one quite like this. And did I mention it was FREE?? I of course  had every intention on selling this piece. Especially because I refinished it in the same way as I did my buffet. It was a quick makeover. The top had some scratches and a ring from a glass, so I stripped the top and stained it with dark walnut. 

The wood had a beautiful dark finish, so without hesitation, I painted 2 coats of MMS Milk Paint in Tricycle. My fav! Unlike the buffet (which had a coat of ASCP in Graphite) and held the milk paint on great, I painted this strait onto the old finish. I was SO pleased to find that a couple hours later, that beautiful crackle and chipping naturally happening. I left it overnight to see if more of the paint would chip off as time went by. It did :)! I used a scrapper to rub off the peeling paint, and gently sanded the rest to distress. The way it looks aged is so natural, and perfect. I then waxed the entire piece with clear and dark wax. I didn't think that I could love a piece of furniture as much as my buffet, but once I added the new knobs, and put it in my small entry fits perfectly, AND I think I love it even more!! The finish is so smooth, just like on the buffet, but the consistency of color is much more smooth on the table. To me it looks like part of a set, and I don't think I can bring myself to sell it. I didn't have anything in that space, because it is so small and narrow. But with this table being narrow, and tall, I think that it is perfect! I think that the transformation is perfect too! I wonder if the guy that gave this away would change his mind if he saw it like this?

I just LOVE the chippiness!

I think that it needs a shelf put back in here, don't you?

 I had to show my pumpkin again ;-) and my gourd that looks like a swan...

One part that I haven't tackled yet is the inside of the table. I don't think that I want to strip it and stain it (although that would make sense). I feel that, although it won't be used as a sewing machine table, I would still like that part of it not forgotten about. I thought that it would be cute to paint the inside and transfer or hand paint some beautiful graphics that I found at the Graphics Fairy. Here are a few options that I've found:

What do you think, would you bother with the inside? I thought that if it is ever opened and used as a writing table, or whatever, there would be a little extra element of surprise. 

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