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Speak Ellie!

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We have all crossed paths with someone, at one time or another, that we just know is special. Somebody that we want to be like, not out of jealousy, but the type of person we strive to be....the kind of person you hope to raise your child to be, or the kind of person you hope your child crosses paths with. I instantly felt that way when I me Ellie Coburn, creator of Speak Now. Ellie is only 16, is an amazing writer, a beautiful person {inside and out}, compassionate, and inspiring! She does inspire me, and she is on a mission! God put Ellie on this earth to change it! He hasn't given her a life without heartache and tragedy, as she lost her father just 2 1/2 years ago, but He knew that she would be a mentor to so many young girls (and older young girls, hehe). The one that would give young girls the strength to Speak Now. The following is from the Speak Now site......

Speak Now is an organization geared towards giving voice back to young women. 
Located in lovely southern California, Speak Now gives voice to young women by participating in various localized events, is involved nationally in donation drives, and raises awareness about teenage based issues that go unresolved in most circumstances. 

Launched in February 2012, Speak Now's focused goal is allowing young women their absolute right to view themselves as absolutely fabulous. We believe that a healthy young woman views herself as unique, beautiful, and important. It is our mission to make each woman feel that they are worth it. We believe in woman empowerment, equalization, and the abolishment of rejection and negative judgement in high school aged teens and young adults. 

-We Believe-
We believe in strong willed young women. We believe in believers, dreamers and creators. We believe in the absolute impossible. In perseverance, and in hope. We believe that each young person has the reserved right to their own body and mind. We believe that each day holds the absolute possibility that something extraordinary will happen. We believe that each individual can thrive. We believe in advocation and education about the issues that society has created in young people. We believe in spreading awareness and taking a stand for all those who feel outspoken. We believe that you are worth the change we see in the world.
Come soar with us. 
"You are some kind of wonderful. Never forget that you hold the power to change the world. Change on your terms and entrust your life with the morals you see fit for your lifestyle. I speak to YOU when I say that you are absolutely beautiful. Use integrity, humor, and perseverance to run through this world with the absolute confidence that you are doing the very best that you are able. Live and let go. Let no one and nothing tell you otherwise because there are better days on the horizon and there is more sunshine in your pocket then you could ever dream imaginable."

-Ellie Anne Coburn-
Creator of Speak Now 

"giving voice to young women who remain silent in fear of rejection."

I had my own struggles with self image and self worth growing up, made up through my own mind. It wasn't that I wasn't popular, or that I wasn't accepted. I just didn't accept myself. Now that I have 2 daughters of my own, it is so important to me that I instill in them that they are worth it,  that they know they are beautiful, that what they say matters, and that God made them perfect. I teach them to respect, and never to make fun....always be the one that accepts, and to try to help the ones that are bullied.
I have a young teen niece that lost her mother last year. I have always been so close to her, and I love her like she is my own daughter. I have watched the affects of her loss, and the ways that she has tried to fill that {and other} voids in her life. She is a little girl lost. Speak Now was created for my niece. It was created for every girl out there that doesn't feel like they have a voice, or their voice doesn't matter, or that they don't matter. Every girls' story may be a little (or a lot) different but there is a common bond. Through Speak Now, these girls can find resources {anonymously), realize that they are worth it, that they do matter, and know that they have a voice! And their voices are heard!!

I hope that you will check out Speak Now, meet Ellie, show support in anyway you can to help raise awareness for the millions of girls that struggle with this....and follow her along for some exciting things that are coming up in the near future!!

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