Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pillowcase Dresses for Easter

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For the past few days, I have been down for the count with "allergies?", or may a cold. I'm not really sure why there is supposed to be some comfort offered to the diagnosis of "it's just allergies". I know that my head hurts, my throat hurts, I have a cough, no energy, and feel blah....and I'm supposed to care whether or not it's from the things floating in the air, or that it's because I am "really sick". Well, I feel sick, so I'm going to say I'm sick. At least if I have a cold, there is end in sight, with allergies it can last months!! Who want's that?! I'd rather have  the "it's a cold" instead of the "it's just allergies"!!

 I don't want to sound like this is a post about me complaining, because what I really want to share with you are the dresses I made for my daughters' for Easter! Last year I made them pillowcase style dresses, but this year I decided to make the dresses from actual pillowcases. My husband bought me 2 white pillowcases around Valentine's day, that I had planned to use to cover some throw pillows.....and never did. So they have been sitting in my craft area waiting to be made pretty. I already knew how to make a simple pillowcase dress using ribbon for the straps, but I wanted to dress them up a bit more. I came across a wonderful blog a couple of days ago, kojo designs, and she has some fantastic tutorials! One I found that I thought would be perfect for my girls dresses is her Super Simple Sleeveless Dress. I didn't feel like I was tutorial worthy, since I wasn't even sure how mine would come out ;-) So, rather than me making things difficult for you, the tutorial on her link was a breeze! It took me about an hour to make each dress, and I think they came out great!

My 5 year old daughter love to have fashion shows {usually at least 5 times a day} so when I asked her to try her dress on for a picture, she was all smiles! My little one, on the other hand, had just gotten up from her nap and she wasn't happy about having to model! This was her least crying face that I was able to get, but that's life, right?? 

She was much happier once she found some makeup! So you get to see the back, lol! The front and back are pleated, unlike some of the other dresses I've seen with the straps that just gather the extra fabric. I love the look as a more polished dress. The one thing that I did different from her tutorial, was made matching "bias tape" for the arm holes. I thought about making a pretty flower for the front....what do you think??

Another thing to share.....

My kids are on sping break this week, and they have been driving me banana's having a great time! My daughter loves to ride her bike, but she is a bit accident prone. She literally could fall over standing still! She likes to go fast and think later. The same applies while she rides. She runs in the house the other day, screaming as she is running to the bathroom, "I'm bleeding, I'm bleeding!" Now, you might thing that she was running to the bathroom to get a towel to wipe herself up, but in perfect girly fashion....she just wanted to look at herself! This was her first "real" wipe out, and truthfully, she looks like she was hit by a car. Her lip was QUITE BIG, her knees are skinned, her knuckles are skinned, and she's has bruises all over! I told her just to tell people "You should see what the boy looks like!" She didn't get it ;-)

Do you see the dramatics in her expression??

To help her feel better, I let her play some games on the computer. Her favorite website is I had to laugh when she asked how to spell pbs....cause in the same sentence she said "I already know how to spell, "kids dot org"! 

Let me introduce to you, the next generation of bloggers!!



  1. The dresses are darling and so are your girls. I hadn't heard of pillowcase dresses before. Yours are really cute. I love the contrasting fabric you chose.

    Have a wonderful Easter!

    Blessings, Linda

  2. Love the pillowcase dresses, they're so cute! Happy Easter to you and your family! =)

  3. I love them! How sweet! The pleats are the best part!


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