Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fun Halloween Costumes

In all of the craziness this week I didn't get a chance to share with you the costumes that I chose the kids chose for Halloween! I had every intention on buying store made costumes this year. I know that sounds opposite of  what we would normally say. Usually it would sound more like..."I had every intention on making costumes this year, but ended up buying them". With all of the great costume on Pinterest this year, who in their right mind could walk into a store, and find something just as cute? So the decision was made...I would be making the costumes. I only wish I would have made that choice earlier than 4 days before Halloween. I think they turned out great, what do you think?

I made the hat out of card stock, and I thought it really made the look! This picture was the only time she had it on :(

 The penny was the most stressful, and also the only one that kinda bombed...wasn't "the bomb!" I couldn't figure out how to keep it on his shoulder, and ran out of time to do all of the little details. Nick still loved it though, that's all that matters. Girls are much easier! Maybe he'll want to be a cheerleader next year!

Then they had a fun little photo shoot...

 Boot with the fur! I took craft fur and using a hole punch, made holes 1 inch apart, and laced them up with leather lace. I covered her boots with them and realized that these will be cute all winter!

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 What fun costumes did you make this year??

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